New version of Tiddlywiki Builder

Convenient way of managing multiple projects in public and private github-space

Tiddlywiki farm,

Several years I’ve been keeping my Tiddlywiki farm using own tools developed under project TWFarm. For me it is a convenient way of managing my multiple projects in public and private github-space.

For those who don’t know, Tiddlywiki is a portable versatile autonomous kind of wiki written with the use of javascript and capable to pack its both code and data in a single HTML-file.

The core of my Tiddlywiki farm management is Tiddlywiki Builder (tw_builder) — a small javascript written code.

Finally I got my hands to redo tw_builder. The fact is that the experience of operating tw_builder.js under Node.js showed the instability of its work with the local file system. The reasons for this instability have not been established. Therefore there was an idea to rewrite a script on Python.

Rewriting the first version of the code on Python v. (v. 3.0) took a few hours of work including debugging along 2 days. The code is located next to the previous js-version. Also js-code in the batch file tw_builder.bat is replaced by py-code:

So far, the first impressions are positive.

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